Social Change Starts With Us

Mechanix is a collaborative workshop that fosters employee teamwork and serves a social cause in a single inspiring activity.


Work-Relevant Team Building

Great teamwork is deeply rooted in the culture of the Best Companies to Work For, where co-worker trust and company pride are catalysts to long-term success. Mechanix is a team building activity with rare capabilities to evoke new skills and lessons that can be woven into daily work practices, through:

• Work-relevant situational learning,
• Cross-functional collaboration and problem-solving,
• Engaged hands-on cooperation, and
• Company pride in service to the community.

How It Works

Exemplary of today's fast-paced work environment where employees are expected to learn on-the-fly and adapt to unfamiliar tasks, Mechanix is a 90-minute cross-functional simulation that uses unassembled bicycles for teams to integrate against an urgent deadline. At the conclusion of each workshop, clients donate (tax-deductible) assembled bicycles for deployment to Reinvention Wheels community projects.

"Our top client has placed an emergency order for our newest product – bicycles – which must be integrated and on the loading dock in 90 minutes! We can spare 5 minutes for crash training and station set-up, and every bicycle must successfully pass:

• Assembly
• Quality control
• Marketing
• Packaging"

Accelerate co-worker collaboration and pride among your teams and change the lives of 40 families in only 90-minutes time! If Synergy for Significance resonates with your organization, contact us to contribute to your next conference or training event.

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