The Economic
Power of Bicycles

The value of transportation to our lives is far more significant than simply moving faster or with less effort than walking. Transportation brings people in contact with one another, establishing a foundation for commerce, community and quality of life.

The economic power of bicicles

What We Do

Serving disadvantaged people in the U.S. and developing nations who lack adequate transportation, our bicycle programs:

• Equip health workers to expand the reach and speed of patient care,
• Allow teachers to travel to rural villages,
• Outfit micro-businesses to deliver food and water products, and
• Enable family income earners to commute to work.

Vehicles for Change

In developing nations, lack of transportation is a social epidemic. For large populations living in isolated rural regions, many people travel long distances to earn between $1 and $5 per day (USD). Combine these two circumstances and it is understandable why a bicycle is a rare luxury. Bicycles are an economically powerful vehicle for social change because they are:

• Transportable en masse
• Versatile for carrying items
• Maintainable with minimal skill
• Enormously valuable on a cost-benefit basis, and
• Sustainable with a long-term useful life.

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Our model of Synergy for Significance is born of our belief in social enterprise and a premise that, with a little ingenuity, doing good things for ourselves can also do good for others. Learn more about our Mechanix bicycle-building workshop, a collaborative activity that builds teamwork among co-workers and builds bicycles for communities and people who deserve an opportunity for self-sufficiency.

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